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The Difference Between WiFi Booster, Repeater or Extender

Posted: November 17, 2019 at 7:45 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Do you want to know that what is the main difference between the WiFi booster, repeater and extender? Well, there are some of the people who do think that all these terms have the same meaning. But they are not aware of the fact that these terms have different meanings and various functions to perform.

What is Wifi Booster?

 WiFi booster is hence known out to be effective for the people who do have so many places in their home areas where a wireless signal does not reach. A Wi-Fi booster is all the way connecting with the owner’s current wireless network. It givs the signal with the effects of being stronger by bouncing the signal around the area. This is best in favor of the smartphone and tablet owners who are paying back much amount for the mobile data usage.

What is Wifi Repeater?

 WiFi repeater is included with two main sets of the wireless routers that is very much similar to the wireless router that is already present inside your home or office. In these two routers one of them will be picking up the existing WiFi network. It will be sending its signal to the other wireless router as which transmits the boosted signal. You just need to place it in the areas where you can receive your existing WiFi network and easily attach the power supply.

What is Wifi Range Extender?

A Wi-Fi range extender is also known by the name of range expander. This device is basically said to be helpful in order to expand the reach of a wireless LAN. The device is located as in between the base router or access point. It can come across to be best for the clients who do have access a weak signal as compare to those who actually cannot access a signal at all.

What Is the Difference Between a WiFi Booster, Repeater, or Extender?

If you would be giving a clear view to the functioning of these two terms you will be finding them a lot similar in the functioning. Each one of the device is helpful in bringing some improvements in the WiFi range and coverage. If you are having some trouble in getting strong signals of your WiFi then besides choosing the extender we would suggest you to firstly move your Wifi router. Sometime changing the locations can bring much improvements in the signal strength. If still, you want to opt for the new router then out best suggestion would be the Archer C9 AC1900 Router from TP-LINK which offers 802.11ac.

Now the people who are choosing WiFi repeaters they normally do face great issues in the installation as well. For installing the WiFi repeaters you should look for the place through which you can receive your existing WiFi network. As you search you are just required to give a power supply. After it you can easily log into the WiFi repeater all the way through your computer, and input the login details and password of your existing WiFi network. If your first network is not providing you with services, then WiFi repeater will be creating a second network for you.

So this was the overall detail discussion behind the main differences between the WiFi Booster, Repeater, or Extender! Each single device has its own working mode and functions. But it would not be wrong to say that at any point of time each one of these devices perform out to be effective for boosting the range of the WiFi.

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