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 How to Find Best Wireless Router

Best Wireless Router 2017
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Are you finding issues in searching for the best wireless router for your office or home?




There are so many people who are finding so many troubles in looking for the fastest speed with excellent coverage and best wireless router for their home. But most of the people are not aware of the main features and main guidelines that are important to buy the best wireless router.

Features of Good Wireless Routers

There are many features that are necessarily to be important in any wireless router when you start buying it. Some of the main and important features are listed below. While finding a good wifi router you must look for some router that have at least all of these features:

  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi: Your wireless router should have the coverage of the Wi-Fi’s 2.4 GHz band only that is best in offering with the three non-overlapping wireless channels. If your wireless router has the combination of the 2.4 and 5 GHz 802.11ac then it would be a real boom. Dual Band router provides best speed and coverage.
  • Guest Wireless Network: If you want other to freely make the use of your wireless internet connection then you should be buying a router that offers guest network Access. You are even left with the option as where you can configure independent security settings on a guest network. You can set a limit on the bandwidth usage on the Guest Network so that your guests and visitors can’t affects speed of your main wireless network
  • WPA Enterprise: Wireless networks can be given the best security all through the WPA/WPA2 Personal. You should think about getting the router that supports WPA Enterprise. Almost all routers today come with these advanced security protocols.
  • Wireless on/off button: If you want your WiFi to get turned off on the temporary basis then you should have the wireless router with on and off button. This is also useful in case you only need Ethernet connection. Turn off wifi button will help to save a little power and most of all your connection speed

Best Wireless Router 2017

How to find Best Wireless Routers Available in Market

As you would be looking inside the market you will be finding so many wireless routers with various features in them. You should always opt the best wireless router by keeping in mind certain requirements that should be present in your wireless router for sure. Remember a best wireless router is one that matches your requirements. Here are some things you must remember before purchasing a wifi router.

Tips for  Choosing the right router for your requirements

Tip No 1: When you are finding a wireless router for your home then you should first evaluate the signal and range requirements. If the all portions of your home are under the coverage of wifi router your signal strength level will powerful then you can surf internet at best speed. You should search for the one that is suitably matching with your needs.

Tip No 2: You should have a clear idea about the speed of the network at the place where you are sitting. You should be focusing on the Mbps, or megabits per second. If you want to get the router at the high-speed which can be used for gaming, HD video Streaming and Large Data File Sharing then you should search the one whose speed is greater than or equal to 1.2 Ghz. TP Link AC1750 is one such wireless router that is as for now No. 1 Best Selling Wireless Router on Amazon.

TP Link Archer C7-01 1750Ac Wireless Router

TP Link Archer C7-01 1750Ac Wireless Router

Tip No 3: If you are using the 802.11G and N devices at one single device then you should connect a G device to 2.4GHz and on other side N device to 5 GHz. But it also depends on the PC as well. Some of the PC has only one Wi-Fi adapter in that case you should just be using only one band at a time. Normally modern routers are based on advanced 802.11ac technology that also have compatibility with 802.11a/b/g/n devices. Consider purchasing one such router

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Tip No 4: Don’t forget to test the product before buying it. By testing the product you will be able to learn that how it actually works for you. Also check warranty and scope of warranty. TP Link Provides 24/7 Support that is best if you need some help while setting up the router. Consider purchasing a router whose manufacturer gives good warranty as well as Phone and Email Support

Tip No 5: In addition, you should also be conscious about the compatibility issues as well. You should keep in mind one thing that the wireless router which you have selected it should complement existing pieces of hardware in the place of the home network.

So this was the complete overview discussion about the helpful tips to search for the finest wireless router for your home use. Do keep these guidelines in your mind because at the end of the day they would be assisting you in finding the perfect wireless router.

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